Sudan Blugistic and Mr.Biboo

The last male of the northern
white rhino species.
Sudan died at age 45 on March 19, 2018.


Blugistic and the whale shark

The largest fish in the sea,
it is among the most peaceful species of all oceans.
Often victims of by-catch fishing,
even whale sharks are among the endangered species!


Climate changes

Heat waves, droughts, floods, sea levels rising,
are just some of the implications of climate change
that is affecting our planet.


Pets and other animals.

The term "pets" refers to a very diverse number
of animals belonging to different species that live particularly well
with humans in their home environment.
The dog has always been considered among the most loyal.


“I’m the superhero everyone’s been waiting for! I defend and protect animals.”

“I want to ensure animal protection, allow future generations to know what greatness Mother Nature has given us, safeguarding the species at risk of extinction.

Through my adventures I document and highlight the abuses involving our friends.

Along with my team, I believe in a world where animals thrive and live peacefully in the wild.

Every choice fights for this to happen, concretely helping those who defend and protect animals and our nature.

We are the animal superheroes.”



“I’m the superhero everyone’s been waiting for! I defend and protect animals. “


Help us to change the lives of many animals.

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