Why Biboo’s NFT?


Mr. Biboo has created his own NFT collection to give those who want to become superheroes the opportunity to join the battles for the protection of all animals in difficulty.

By purchasing an NFT you actively participate in the change by helping the partner associations of Mr. Biboo in a direct, safe and certified way.

The value of each NFT is the result of Mr Biboo’s collaborations with the various animal rights partners and consequently the proceeds are always divided equally into the percentages indicated on the same.

In addition to helping associations, each NFT purchased gives you Mr. Coins that will give a direct discount to Mr. Biboo products coming out for the 2022/25 season.



Support campaigns.

Lewis Pugh Foundation

Mr.Biboo the animals superhero supporting UN PATRON OF OCEANS LEWIS PUGH in the fight against Climate Change. 90% of the income from this NFT sells will be devolved to Lewis Pugh foundation. The rest 10% will be used to continue Mr Biboo fight for animales.