Oceans fight


Vaquita remained


Sharks killed every year


Annual illegal fishing

“I fight to protect the Blue Planet and all animal species.
Our oceans are increasingly under attack.

Join me and my team if you too cannot accept the main causes that make me take the field: illegal fishing, intensive farming and plastic pollution.

These are just some of the main themes. To defend our enchanting marine ecosystem, we need to increase on a global scale the protected areas of our seas and end the slaughter of sharks and dolphins”.



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Mr.Biboo. Un incontro speciale: Il cavalluccio marino! 0:42

Un divertente omaggio ad uno dei pesci più simpatici dei nostri mari, l’ippocampo o più comunemente chiamato Cavalluccio marino. Il cavalluccio marino fa parte dell’unica specie animale in grado di portare a termine una gravidanza maschile.

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